Sculptural Works

For Valentine
walnut wood, aluminum, dove feathers (enclosed)

St. Agatha
goblets, wood, graphite, paper (contained in goblets: hair, nails, pearls)

install from Splitting Hairs show 2023

walnut wood

completed in 2023, in install in Splitting Hairs, termite excrement is upon the internal pedestal

Hair Pin 1
cast bronze, 2023

Hair Pins 2 and 3
cast aluminum and freshwater pearl, 2023

Candle Holders 1 and 2
cast aluminum

designed to hold candles and an object, perhaps a seashell

Egg I
graphite on egg

Egg II
graphite on egg

Candle Metronome I (2022)

walnut wood, wax, steel, aluminum, nails, contact microphones, amp, delay pedal

The Candle Metronome is a self-playing and durational musical instrument. As the candle burns, the nails fall into the different sized bowls, which resonates the contact microphones and amplifies the sounds with a delay.

Brief sample of the sounds recorded during its last performance

Glyph Cloth I and II (2022)

silk, acrylic box

Glyph Cloth I and II are heat embossed silk enclosed in a case.