Flat Works

Works from 2020 - Present

from top to bottom- left to right:

The Vision, The Oyster, The Swan, The Eruption

graphite on paper
each approx 5x8 inches
The Vision- 1x1 inch

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Saint Teresa, Saint Agatha I, Saint Agatha II, Saint Simeon, Saint Lucy 

Graphite on paper
Approx 5 x 8

Ultimate Absolute Minimum Diagram Series I

Letterpressed and typeset ink on paper
Approx 5 x 8

Letterpressed and typeset ink on paper

11 x 17
Edition of 20

Top to Bottom:

Tunguska, Lady Conway, Meteor (aquatint), For Valentine, Pilgrim Badge I, Birth of Venus 

Copper Drypoint, hard-ground etching on hahnemühle copperplate paper
each plate 2-3 inches x 4-6 inches

Miniature Tableau (2022)

graphite on paper
2 inches x 4 inches

Latitude and Longitude Intersects (2022)

ink on paper
approx 5x4 each

Dust Images (2022)

graphite on paper
5x8 each

Microminiatures for Splitting Hairs (2022-2023)

graphite on finished cherry wood
each approx .5x1 inch

Theater of Discrete Language series (2021)

graphite on paper
approx 4x4 inches each